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Giants Billet Family (host of 4 players)

Each spring the 95 Giants embark on an annual recruiting campaign across the country and globe.  The purpose?  To seek out young, talented players that have the development aptitude to work within our program and the potential to develop as players that can compete at the collegiate level academically, athletically, and beyond.

However, many of these players are not local enough to our facility and in order to take advantage of this opportunity they require a home away from home and an environment that will help them succeed at their goals.   

That home's main function is to provide a safe, clean, nourishing environment.  A home....that becomes a lasting memorable experience for both player and host family.  The Giants organization cannot express how invaluable our billet families have become and the success they have helped bring to the program in our very short history.

As you are reading through this you may be asking, so what is a billet family and what do they do?

Simply put, a billet family opens up their home to a designated player, or in some cases players, and provides for them a bed, access to amenities, and nourishing meals.  In essence what one may provide their own family member with the byproduct of these tangible needs being the intangibles of encouragement, someone to speak to, and most importantly a role model.

For those players of school age many partake in their local district's virtual school system, some attend the local public high school or may attend a private school local in the area.  Players that have completed high school may hold a job or take a college course.

Below you will find a list of FAQs which help to outline the responsibilities of billet families and players while hopefully clarifying further how the billet program works.  With that, we hope that this leaves you and your family with a desire to partake in this wonderful experience for you and our players!

After reading through this information you will have the opportunity to register as a potential billet family (with no obligation).  After you have submitted your registration a member of our billeting coordination staff will contact you, review the program further, and answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Once again thank you for considering being a billet family and helping us to develop these fine young players!!!


  1. Where will the player that resides with us come from?
    • Families who open their home will invite players from out-of-town, out-of-state, or even out-of-country.
  2. What is the duration or our responsibilities for these young men?
    • Your responsibilities will begin mid-August and extend through the end of March.
  3. What are the responsibilities of the player?
    • Must follow all team and host family house rules and show respect for other host family members.  If any house rules are broken, the player will be released from the 95 Giants Organization.
    • Must take care of their room, including keeping it clean and doing their own laundry.
    • Players must notify host family as to their whereabouts and must stay in billet home each night unless they are traveling with their hockey team.
    • Players are expected to seek part time employment when not attending school/classes.
  4. Will the player spend the holidays with us?
    • This will depend on the circumstances of the team’s schedule and the ability for the player to return home during the break.
  5. What happens if my family has vacation plans or billet player has a guest?
    • Players will not be left alone without adult supervision overnight. If a Billet family has vacation plans that will result in an overnight absence, the Billet family will need to make alternate arrangements with another approved billet family until their return.  Please inform the Head Coach and the Billet Coordinator of the temporary changes.
    • Girlfriends or female companions will not be permitted to stay overnight in the billet home when visiting a player. Players will not be allowed to reside with girlfriends or female companions at other homes or other accommodations.
  6. What living space do I need to provide to the player?
    • The player will need to have their own room with a bed, bureau or closet, and linens.  If they will be rooming with another player or member of the family the same will apply.
    • They should have use of amenities in the home such as TV, access to Internet, washer and dryer, etc.
  7. Do I need to pay for players travel cost? i.e. hotels, meals on the road, bus, airfare, etc.?
    • No, it is the responsibility of the billet player to pay for such accommodations when traveling with team.
  8. Do I have to pay for groceries and toiletries for the player?
    • A monthly stipend will be paid to the families of billeted players for groceries and toiletries.  Your food bill will substantially increase and it is your responsibility to ensure the player’s meal needs are met. The amount currently paid is $400.00 U.S. per player to the billeting family.
  9. What will my player do when not at the rink or training?
    • Your player will attend full time school via their districts virtual system or attend local schooling within the district the billet family resides.  If your player is a post high school graduate they will have a work schedule.
  10. Do I need to provide transportation to and from team event (practices, training, games, etc.)?
    • If your player is not of driving age it is your responsibility to ensure the player has transportation to team events.  If your player is of driving age it is the responsibility of the player’s family to provide a vehicle for transportation needs. Players and billet families will work out specific details as pertains to their individual situations.
  11. Am I allowed to set rules within my household that the player must follow?
    • Yes. Although you are not the player’s parent, you will need to set rules and expectations for him to follow while he’s living in your home.  Your player will respect the rules and expectations of your household.  Players will also abide by the Code of Conduct outlined by the Giants organization.
  12. What if after arrival my family and the player just are not a match?
    • While the billet experience is, for the most part, a positive and enriching one, occasionally the situation does arise where the player/family match does not work out.  In that event, the Giants will do whatever it can to make the necessary changes so that the player, his parents, and the billet family are happy and comfortable with their arrangements.  As part of the process we attempt to match the player and billet families to the best of our ability.
  13. Will I get to meet the player and their family prior to the mid-August time frame?
    • Yes. The Giants will arrange thru various mediums (social media, skype, facetime, etc.) so that there is an introduction of some kind ahead of player’s arrival.
  14. If I am interested in billeting what are the next steps?
    • First, thank you for your interest.  Second, please complete the pre-registration and our billeting coordinator will contact you.
  15. What should I expect as part of the application process?
    • The Giants require a criminal records check and a child welfare check for all adults (18+) living in the household.  Once the application has been completed an interview will be scheduled.
  16. Who do I contact for further information?