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    95 Giants


    The goal at the 95 Giants Hockey Club is to put forth a program in which players will be provided with an atmosphere of growth and development. We are fully dedicated to the advancement of your child as a hockey player and as a human being, and will educate, instruct, and challenge them to be the very best that they can be. Our philosophy is to place a primary focus on the development of each player both skill-wise, and as a whole. Our Advantage players will be taught what it takes to be a team player, and will be pushed to their limits in order to further them as hockey players and as young people.


    Our program prides itself on many different characteristics that separate us from other programs, but none more important than the skills training that each player will receive. Skill development sessions will be run by Tim, Joe, and the staff of Lovell Hockey, which is second to none in the New England area. Our approach is that each player is different, and should be instructed as such. Weekly Practice Sessions: Each team will receive 2 practices which will be run out of our home rink in Attleboro. These practices will be conducted by the coaching staff of each team, and will place a primary focus on player development as well as teamwork.


    Each team will receive one skills session per week which will be conducted by the staff of Lovell Hockey. We believe our staff is the best in the business because of our attention to detail, and the results of the players that we have trained speak for themselves.


    Each goaltender will be able to train once a week with Goaltending Development Services, GDS. Coach Buckley's system fits all players' games, at every level. The GDS system is a thoroughly mapped out set of principles and variables that lays the groundwork for the goaltender's game. The system builds on the six core fundamentals of goaltending: skating, stance, positioning, save selection, rebound control and recovery. GDS coaching creates a strong technical base complemented by a focus on an athletic, unbounded style of play. This allows goaltenders to develop their own style based on their strengths, resulting in quick efficient movements and confidence in their game.


    All 95 GIANTS youth teams will be enrolled in the Elite 9 Hockey League and Boston Hockey League. This is a league that endures minimal travel, coupled with some of the strongest competition in the country.